Joel Waltzer

When I’m not on the water hunting or fishing, I’m protecting it from harm in the courtroom. It’s somewhat of a self-serving proposition, but without the efforts to defend the environment, I won’t be able to do what I love for long.

Joel Waltzer is a partner in the firm and has focused his practice for the past twenty years on litigating cases for those who have sought justice, but in many instances, could not represent themselves or find a lawyer that would take their case to heart.

If you meet Joel, you’d likely find his affinity for the outdoors pretty quickly. It’s not hard to recognize how tied to the coast he is, but what really makes him tick is the time that he spends with the people of the community who sustain the land and remain so attached to the Louisiana outdoors. Those connections, as well as what he and the firm have done over the past 25 years to represent these devoted community members, is the work Joel hopes to be known for and build upon to extend the legacy of the firm.

Joel’s goal as an attorney has always been to identify outside-of-the-box solutions for coastal loss and pollution problems to seek out ways to protect the environment from further harm made by entities that use the land, but do not keep it the way they found it. He hopes that through his efforts, Louisiana will learn and adopt policies that others have put in place in other states, but have not yet adopted here.

“The one thing that I can tell you about what is happening to Louisiana is that we are truly watching our coast vanish. Not only have I seen it as an outdoorsman, I see changes as they affect the people who inhabit the area and live it day-to-day.”

As the partner of a firm founded to represent cases of social significance, as well as litigate for threatened communities and cultures, Joel is a large proponent of the value of framing issues presented in a case to sometimes change public opinion. He knows that his clients have gotten a great deal of value out of hiring the firm and takes pride in the awards received for his clients. He takes pride in smart lawyering and ensures that he puts his Ivy League law degree to work for each case.

Joel is also a large advocate of embracing new technology, as you will likely find him challenging the engineering of his Tesla to see what the latest upgrades will get you in terms of speed, or how long the battery will last when pushing the limits of man and machine. You can also find him as the proud father of two boys that are likely just as rambunctious as Joel. His loving wife keeps everyone in check, especially when dealing with a household of boys (Joel definitely included).

And, of course, you can always find Joel on his boat fishing, or having his friends dig fishing hooks out of his skull.

For a detailed professional resume, or even just to make sure Joel went to law school, you can learn more by clicking here.

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