Michael L. Brown

I am committed to environmental and social justice and inspired by the diverse ecology and cultures of South Louisiana, my adopted home. At Waltzer, Wiygul and Garside, I am privileged to work every day with incredible community leaders, coastal residents, and non-profits at the frontlines of some of the most crucial environmental challenges.

Mike is an associate at the firm practicing environmental law to support communities in solving concrete problems they face. At the firm, he represents clients ranging from members of Louisiana’s diverse fishing communities to non-profit groups like the Sierra Club.

Mike took a winding path to New Orleans, where he lives. His parents were Foreign Service Officers while he was growing up, so he spent a great deal of time moving from place to place overseas. He has never felt at home anywhere else the way he does in South Louisiana. Mike also has a deep love of the outdoors and, when he has the chance, he enjoys exploring new and wild places.

Mike graduated from Yale Law School, Princeton University, and clerked for two federal judges, one district court judge and one judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans. You can read more about Mike’s credentials by viewing his official biography here.

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